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Happy Holidays
The year is almost over and with it brings a new dawn and the beginning of 2017. Although to say that this is only the beginning of 2017 would be to undersell the amount of preparation that goes into each race season. Long before the green flag is waved in Daytona, long before the Lexus RC F roars into the Florida sunset, months on months of planning, preparation, building and testing must be undertaken and that is just to be their on the grid. To win? Well, that requires every box to be ticked in a never-ending pursuit of more speed, bulletproof reliability and a military like level of organization. For my new team 3GT Racing and Lexus the work for 2017 started not months ago but years ago, so to finally see the fruits of the teams work throughout 2017 is a tantalizing prospect for everybody involved.

My involvement with the program has been much shorter in duration. I joined the team in September after my previous contract in the Indycar Series expired but I have been fortunate enough to have already been involved in multiple tests with the team and have a good amount of laps in the Lexus RC F under my belt. This new style of racing in the GT category has required me to not rethink my driving technique but to refine it and massage it mainly to deal with the extra weight and roll that comes from the heavier machinery. I have enjoyed this process and found it extremely rewarding to see the strides I have made and how I have adapted to this new challenge.

It is no secret that it has been a tough couple of years but I believe to experience this was completely necessary. My career had always been on an upward trajectory, I had won races in every category I had competed in, Formula Renault, Star Mazda, Indy Lights, Prototypes and the victories usually came quickly and on the very first weekend. That is not to say it had been easy to that point, myself and my have team faced our fair share of adversity throughout those years as well and learnt, then fought back. But the last two years were a different ball game altogether. This experience opened up avenues that I didn't even know existed in all aspects of this business. It has forced me to evolve every aspect of my mentality and approach and coupled this with the same constant hunger for improvement towards my technique and skill level as a racing driver.

With these new tools at my disposal and a better environment, I look forward to testing myself again next year, delivering the best results possible for my team and performing at my highest level to this point. Because at the end of the day, that is what it's all about.

Thank you to everybody for there continued support and I wish you all a great time over the holidays and great success in 2017.


19th December 2016
Happy Holidays
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