Jack Hawksworth

Core SkillsHighlightsDriven to Win


  • Provision of concise
    and intelligent feedback to
    race engineers.
  • Interpret data, keep an
    open mind, learn from it.
  • In depth understanding of
    all technical systems.
  • Ability to lead a car

"There are of course many young drivers who have good speed, many who have good feel and feedback, many who are intelligent in their preparation and approach. There are few, however, who possess all of these qualities and can also deliver consistently on performance." - Eddie Jones, IndyCar Engineer

"I can assure you that neither of us knew he was going to be this good, this fast."  - Bryan Herta, IndyCar Team Owner


"Jack’s feedback was precise and accurate given his relative inexperience with an Indy Car and almost no history with this particular team’s chassis set up. I found it easy to understand his evaluations and requests for balance changes. A small improvement  in chassis balance brought about an improvement in lap time as Jack consistently found the limit of the grip/ balance level." - John Dick, IndyCar Engineer

"Jack’s ability to get up to speed quickly and run a relatively fast time at the beginning of the day was perhaps not unexpected, what impressed me more was his ability to more or less match Scott Dixon (the quickest of the three Ganassi drivers) throughout the day when on higher mileage tires. To me, that speaks volumes for his ability to “manage” the car and tires over long stints in the races.
This is important because many drivers are capable of quick times but use their tires up prematurely and then drop off the pace later in the stint." - Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing

Jack Hawksworth - Professional Racing Driver

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5 Years Professional.
14 Years Experience. A professional driver who is driven, passionate, in his prime and dedicated to being the best of the best.

"As driver trainer to over half of the current F1 grid it has been a pleasure to work with someone as talented as Jack.
He has a world class gift for driving and is capable of winning in any major series.
As well as his natural speed he has the mental capacity and curiosity to continue to develop.
His personality makes him a positive force when dealing with both team members and sponsors . I could not recommend him highly enough." - Rob Wilson, world renowned driver coach

"Jack reminds me of Dario [Franchitti] when he joined Team Green," said veteran engineer Todd Malloy. "Even though everything is brand-new, he's not overwhelmed and he asks the right questions. "Dario knew what he wanted and needed and so does this kid. Some of those things can be taught and some can't and he's very aware."  - Todd Malloy, Indycar Engineer


  • Team player and brand
  • Excellent work ethic.
  • Driven to win.
  • Motivational skills.
  • Willingness to share
  • Media friendly.

"When I compare Jack to all of the drivers I have worked with over the past 40 years and in particular the several drivers I have worked with in CART/IndyCar, I would rate Jack very highly as a racing driver and a professional.
Jack’s outright speed was hugely impressive and his focused work ethic impressed me greatly." - Don Halliday, Technical Director AJ Foyt Racing

A Safe Pair of Hands

  • Cool and level headed
    even in difficult situations.
  • Ability to adapt my driving
    to work around problems.
  • Understanding and sympathetic to both equipment and people.

“To finish first, first
you've got to finish”